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True colour and clarity

Get twice the quality for half the price with Vision Plus - giving you the only TVs manufactured for the African consumer. Improved detail and sharpness snaps everything into focus and enhances your viewing experience. 4K definition ensures that the pictures remain pristine, bringing higher levels of clarity, depth, detail, and richness.

Introducing the ULTRA Slim E-LED TV

It's a new era of home entertainment, and Vision Plus is at the forefront. Introducing the very first ULTRA Slim E-LED TV with a frameless design that offers a truly immersive viewing experience. The innovative technology behind Vision Plus designs brings you high-quality entertainment, dolby audio, crystal clear pictures, and optimized connectivity - all wrapped into one complete package.

Affordable.Available in Kenya.for Kenyans

Colour your life and throw in some magic with the 4K UHD experience. Vision Plus offers the ultimate in home entertainment that best suit your needs.