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Bluetooth is a wireless technology that allows the sharing of data with different appliances.

Bluetooth uses wavelengths to share data and works within a short distance for the appliances to stay connected. Thus, the waves do not travel very far and are continually switching frequencies.

Most Bluetooth devices have a maximum connectivity range of about 9 meters, and that distance can be affected by a blockade like a wall.

Bluetooth, The rising Technology in TVs

Bluetooth in TV sets allows users to use their smartphones as a remote control, connect wireless headsets, connect speakers, and stream movies from their smartphones -all cordlessly.

Bluetooth is in near 95% of mobile phones sold today. Most mobile phone companies are linking phones as remote controls.

A mobile phone connected to the Bluetooth TV would allow multiple users to bring up their profiles filled with personalized data, recommendations, and even social media profiles as they watch television.

If a user wants to search for something on the Tv via the phone turned remote, users can use Triple-Tap text Entry, which prompts them to key in letters by pressing number keys on their phones.

Multiple repetitions of pressing a specific key allow the user to go through the set of letters associated with that key. This key feature can enable users to watch what they want without the need for a physical keyboard.

As more and more TVs are getting internet connectivity, apps, and various contents, looking for ways to navigate TV while optimizing the old entertainment offered from the TV makes Bluetooth a must need tech.

HD TV that has Bluetooth connectivity is capable of linking to your smartphone or laptop.

With Bluetooth tech, you can stream content to your telly without using third-party apps, devices, or multiple cables. Bluetooth-enabled TVs can also connect to Bluetooth headsets, speakers, and much more.

Bluetooth technology has the same characteristics of Wi-Fi as it provides a local data network over which electronic appliances can communicate. Most manufacturers use Bluetooth for small electronics that work over short distances, like inside a confined space or between rooms in an apartment, making it the go-to tech for TVs.

Bluetooth TVs can also connect to Bluetooth version 5.0 and older versions of the following gadgets: speakers, set-top boxes, 3-D glasses like IMAX, Laptops, audio & video receivers, PlayStation, X-Box, Wii, et cetera.

Users can stream audio and video from a variety of Bluetooth handheld devices that playback audio and video to your Tv set.

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