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Looking for the best Smart TV to buy in Kenya, for the best prices this year? Look no further than this guide. Get more information on the latest and best Vision Plus smart TVs you should be considering for your next screen.

Everything you need to know before choosing  a Smart TV

Before we go ahead, you must understand the 6 most important things to know (or do) when buying a Smart TV in Kenya :

  • Go with 4K Smart TV or a Full HD TV-  These are huge — the most important factors for TV picture quality. Vision Plus provides Full HD Frameless Smart TVs in 43”   and 4K Frameless Smart TVs in 50” and 65”
  • Bigger is always better. The bigger the screen the more you can appreciate its picture quality. With a 4K or a Full HD TV the picture is near-perfect no matter how close you sit.

  • Buy your new TV from an authorized dealer. You get the manufacturer’s warranty, service, and support. These are some main benefits of buying from Vision Plus.
  • Smart platforms- To note, Almost all new TVs come equipped with a smart platform. Some manufacturers choose to use their own smart platforms, where others choose to integrate options like Android or Roku. No matter the case, the selection of apps is great, and the most common apps are available on almost all platforms. Choosing the best smart TV is all based on your needs and personal preference of which smart OS you enjoy using the most.
  • Picture Quality- When buying a TV is always important to consider picture quality, and now really feels like the time to be choosing a 4K TV or a Full HD TV. LCD, often now referred to as LED, comes with an affordable price tag and still has loads to offer, including bright screens for top-notch HDR (high dynamic range) footage, rich color palettes, and pictures that are just as sharp and detailed.

Enjoy a Premium Experience on the Vision Plus Frameless Smart TVs – Affordable Deals on Premium Viewing Experience

Product Price
Vision Plus 43″ 4K Frameless V+ OS Smart TV KSh34,995.00
Vision Plus 50″ 4K Frameless V+ OS Smart TV KSh39,99500
Vision Plus 55″ 4K Frameless V+ OS Smart TV KSh49,995.00

Vision Plus 65″ 4K Frameless V+ OS Smart TV




Vision Plus 43″ Frameless Smart TV 


Comes with a free wall bracket and a 2-year V+ care warranty.

Enjoy wireless connectivity on the Vision Plus 43” Smart FHD TV. The TV comes with a smart module that customizes your user experience and gives you access to popular apps like Netflix and YouTube. This high-quality TV is powered by Android and packs a 1080p resolution that delivers pristine picture quality.

Key Features: Android OS, Bluetooth, Great infographics, Full HD TV 1080p, Ultra Slim, E-SHARE, and Dolby Sound



Vision Plus 50″ 4K Smart TV

50 inchKSh39,995.00

Comes with a free wall bracket and a 2-year V+ care warranty.

The Vision Plus 50’’ 4K TV comes fully equipped with ground-breaking technology, smart interaction features, full web browsers, and connectivity that’s second to none.

Key Features: Android OS, Bluetooth, Dolby Audio, 4K Resolution, Frameless Design, and Optimized connectivity.


Vision Plus 55″ 4K Frameless Smart TV

55 InchKSh49,995.00

The Vision Plus 55’’ 4K TV is stylish and has a classic frameless design. It has a 4K resolution with an Android OS which has optimized connectivity and Dolby Audio.

Key Features: Android OS, Bluetooth, Dolby Audio, 4K Resolution, Metal Body Design, Frameless Design, Optimized connectivity

Comes with a 2-year V+ care warranty.


Vision Plus 65″ Frameless 4K Smart TV

65 InchKSh69,995.00

Enjoy high-quality entertainment in stunning 4K resolution. See every intricate detail on your Vision Plus 65’’ Frameless screen that comes with the best connectivity you’ve ever had. Experience mind-blowing levels of color, immersion, and depth.

Comes with a 2year V+ care warranty.

Key Features: 4K Resolution 2160p, Bluetooth, Android OS, Dolby Audio, Frameless, Ultra Slim, and 2yr V+ Care


Get Personalized advice from our team of experts

Hopefully, this article has helped you focus on what to look for on a Smart TV. It’s worth taking your time because a TV is something you’ll probably use every day and an investment you can enjoy for many years.

Need some help choosing the best TV in Kenya for your system and room? Our expert Advisors know the gear inside and out. Contact us today on +254 724 888 777 / +254 103 888 777

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