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Despite the fact that we now have various ways to watch favorite shows, movies and even play games, TV remains an essential gadget in many homes. On the other hand, Technology keeps advancing and moving to more sleek designs to suit the taste of modern users.

With non-stop technology advancements, the digital display industry has produced many types of screens. One of the latest being frameless TV.

What is a frameless TV?

A frameless design utilizes the entire screen so you can focus on the content as it uses a super-slim bezel. A screen bezel is an area that surrounds a screen or a border between a screen and a device frame.

The introduction of flat-panel screens has contributed in a massive way to frameless TVs. This is because unlike old TVs that used cathode ray tube (CRT), the modern LCD screen is flat. An LCD TV uses liquid crystals to switch the screen pixels on and off electronically. More current TVs use light-emitting diodes (LEDs) as backlight. This reduces the need for casings that were used in Old-style TVs.

Most screens are frameless on three sides, but some utilize a four-sided frameless design. A complete frameless design means that distractions such as menu control buttons, ON button, and logos are completely removed from the site. As a result, some TVs only have an ON button, and one has to use a remote to control the TV.

What are the benefits of frameless Tv?

  1. With no frame, you have more space for the screen without the need to increase the size of a gadget.
  2. TV is not a visible obstruction where it’s placed.
  3. Lightweight TVs
  4. Higher-resolution due to the lighting technology used, such as LEDs.
  5. The lightweight makes it easy to mount on walls.
  6. Frameless screens improve viewing and gaming experience by getting rid of distractions.

Are the framed TVs out of the market? 

Most TV brands are producing more frameless TVs, but this doesn’t mean the framed TVs can be declared as extinct. There are still many framed TVs in the market. However, the TVs also come with a slim border due to customer preferences.

At Vision Plus, we have both framed and frameless TVs that you can check out on the television section.




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